A conversation with Charlene Dinger

Meet Charlene,

Dance artist, yoga teacher and bestie.

This girl is so cool. She came on the podcast with an hours notice and was an absolute star guest!

I found this conversation super interesting as it was a glimpse into Charlene’s world in Canada. She talks about her yoga teacher training with Modo and how she loves the feeling of support and community that comes with being associated with a world renouned yoga franchise. 

We also chat about how we’ve changed and developed as teachers and practitioners through the years and what we now consider to be great teaching! Towards the end of the conversation, Charlene gives some helpful tips for new teachers wanting to improve their teaching skills and ways to stay motivated and active during lockdown.

I know you will enjoy this chat (for one thing she has a bloody gorgeous accent) with the delightful Charlene Dinger.

BIG love,

R x


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