A conversation with Tammy Mittell

Meet Tammy

Yoga teacher and founder of The Real Flow Yoga teacher training programme.

I asked the beautiful Tammy to come on the podcast as I’m extremely interested in her work in women’s health and her Real Flow Yoga teacher training programme.

The conversation I had with Tammy spiraled and flowed effortlessly (I think we are kindred spirits) and within the flow, you can hear Tammy’s wellspring of potent and powerful feminine wisdom! 

We discuss yoga from a woman’s perspective and how our womb cycles and our family lives can be a portal into the deeper dimensions of the self and therefore yoga. Somewhere within this rich dialogue, we talk about flow states and how, with practise, we can tap into these states with more regularity and ease.

To all my awesome male listeners I think you will gain some useful insights on how to support all those wombs that attend your yoga classes too!

As you listen to our informal chat you will hear Tammy’s embodied wisdom that is surrounded and wrapped in humor and love.

I hope you enjoy this chat as much as I did!

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Until next time…

BIG love,

R x



Author: Rachel

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