A conversation with Jess Leitch

Meet Jess, yoga teacher and woodland fairy (this will make sense when you hear the podcast)

At the time of recording this conversation we were 2 weeks into UK quarantine due to the Corona virus pandemic. Jess and I chat about this, and how the tools of yoga can help us embrace lifes little ups and downs!

Oh yes, here are Jess’s 5 ways to survive isolation and staying at home for long periods of time.

1 – Establish a gentle routine (not too strict)

2 – Connect with the natural world

3 – Turn off all screens (Fubbing, again this will become clear when you listen))

4 – Take time to yourself and schedule in chats with friends and family

5 – Rest and please don’t feel guilty about slowing down if you are able.

Jess and I hope you love the conversation as much as we did! It definitely cheered me right up 🙂

Check jess out here  – http://www.shakeyourbuddhi.com/

Author: Rachel

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